ACF  Awards

ACF Awards 2023 endeavour to recognize and encourage exemplary agri professionals who have built self-sustaining, successful business models for the growth of Indian Agriculture. It also aims to incubate innovative solutions for unleashing the potential of Agri Startups, Cooperatives, and FPOs.

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Meet the Grand Jury of ACF Awards 2023

Jury Chair

Dr. Ashok Dalwai
Dr. Ashok Dalwai, IAS


Dr. P Chandra Shekara
Dr. P Chandra Shekara
Shri T R Kesavan
Shri. T R Kesavan
Group President, TAFE
Dr. A K Singh
Dr. A K Singh
Vice-Chancellor, RLBCAU

Jury Members

Dr. Arjun Saini
Dr. Arjun Saini
DG Horticulture, Govt. of Haryana
Dr. R C Agrawal
Dr. R C Agrawal
DDG - Education, ICAR
Dr. S N Jha
Dr. S N Jha
DDG - Engineering, ICAR
Dr. Suresh Kumar Malhotra
Dr. Suresh Kumar Malhotra
Project Director - DKMA, ICAR
Dr. Praveen Malik
Dr. Praveen Malik
CEO, Agrinnovate India
Dr. Neelam Patel
Dr. Neelam Patel
Senior Advisor Agriculture, NITI Aayog
Dr. Ramesh Mittal
Dr. Ramesh Mittal
Director, NIAM
Dr. Nutan Kaushik
Dr. Nutan Kaushik
DG, Amity Foundation
Debabrata Sarkar
Mr. Debabrata Sarkar
CMD, MicroAlgae Solutions
Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
VP, DeHaat
Agam Khare
Mr. Agam Khare
Founder, Absolute
Agam Khare
Sh Yudhvir Singh
National General Secretary, BKU


  • Nominations will be evaluated by an eminent Jury Panel

  • The award will felicitate real time ground work of the nomination

  • The jury's decision shall remain final and binding

  • Nominations shall be validated by local authorities

  • Evaluation on the basis of well defined judgement criteria

The award categories are:

Agri Startups

  • Most Innovative Agritech
  • Best Agri Startup in Millets
  • Best agri Startup in Application of Digital Technologies
  • Most Creative Agtech
  • Leading Women Entrepreneurs - Agtech
  • Best Agritech Startup Creating Social Impact
  • Leading solution providing platform
  • Best Sustainable Agri Startup
  • Leading Startup in Industry Partnership

FPO Awards

  • Leading FPO - Empowering Women
  • Fastest Growing FPO
  • Leading FPO in Millet Production
  • Leading FPO in Organic Farming
  • Leading FPOs State Wise
    1. Maharashtra
    2. Karnataka
    3. Haryana
    4. Uttar Pradesh
    5. Madhya Pradesh
    6. Punjab
    7. Gujarat
    8. Bihar
    9. Andhra Pradesh + Telangana
  • Leading FPO in adopting Latest Technologies


  • Leading Primary Credit Cooperative
  • Leading Women Cooperative
  • Leading Dairy Cooperative
  • Leading State Cooperative Federation

Judging Criteria

The ACF Awards will be analysed by the Jury of leading agricultural and domain experts based on:

Novelty of Idea

How uplifting have your services or products been to your audience/end-customers


What your service or product has achieved since activation

Customer Delight

How uplifting have your service or products been to your audience

Impact Measurement

How well your service or product has addressed social and ecosystem level problems